Unique Commissions

One thing we relish is the chance to be involved in a unique commission.

Commissioning a piece does not need to be daunting, the process is unique and tailored to your needs and to the nature of the project itself.

There is plenty of room for the whole process to adapt to meet your expectations as well as to meet the piece you are commissioning.

Initially, we would arrange to meet to discuss your project.

In that meeting we would explore the details of your ideas and your project and we would learn the specifics of what you are looking for. It would also give you the chance to learn details of how we would go about designing and making it for you.

We would go away and begin the design, thinking about everything we had discussed.  You would then be provided with a preliminary design for you to review. This is likely to be an iterative process that allows you to be involved as often or as seldom as you like until the final design is decided upon and prepared for you along with a quoted price that is presented to you for your approval.

Once you have approved the piece and a deposit has been received work is scheduled for making.

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Beehive Reading Area


Cemetery Sign


Dance School Display


Decking Over Pond


Oak Vanity Unit


Piano Stool


Reading Tree

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Reading Tree